I have taught at the University of Stellenbosch, The Univirsity Of Cape Town and established the Artscape Technical Training Academy. I have developed a formal course structure with the following subjects and modules:

1. Professional Theatre Process

·         Introduction to the Professional Theatre Process

·         The Development of Theatre and Stage Technology

·         Theatre Professionals and Job description

·         The Theatre Building, Technical Equipment and Stage Machinery

·         Technical Theatre Terminology

2. Theatre Safety Regulations

·         Understanding the occupational risks of the working environment

·         Health and Safety Regulations

·         Risk Assessment and Management

3. Professional Stage Management and Production

·         Introduction to Stage Management Process

·         The Production Stage Manager – Duties and responsibilities

·         Assistant Stage Management and Production

·         Stage Properties

·         Production Costuming

·         Music Literacy

·         Theatre Etiquette and Protocol

4. Theatre Sound Process

·         Introduction to Theatre Sound and Sound Equipment

·         Understanding the main components of the sound system and their use

·         The sound technician and operator

·         Theatre Sound Terminology

5. Theatre Lighting Process

·         Introduction to Lighting Concepts

·         Lighting Equipment

·         Lighting Technique

·         The Lighting Design and Lighting Plan

·         The Lighting Rig, Plot and Maintenance 

6. Theatre Design Process

·         Introduction to the Production Concept, Style and Design

·         Elements and Principles of Design

·         Developing, Formulating and Creating the Production Design

·         Technical Drawings

7. Production Management

·         Introduction to Production Management

·         Production Planning and Process

·         Budgeting and Financial Control

·         International / Cross border Touring